Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Frozen in Florida

Dear Frozen in Florida, Did you seriously just complain about one 25degree day?? Before you start feeling too sorry for yourself I'm gonna set the record straight! Are you listenin girl? Did you know that Ohio had only a handful of days above 30 degrees for the entire month of January?? Did you know that in my area we got around 40 inches of snow this January??? Did you know that we almost broke the record for the most snowfall during a January month since 1979??? Did you know that every time we get more than 3 inches of snow I get to spend 90 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes trying to drive to work?? My gas bill, just to keep my house at a lovely 65degrees chilly was just over $450 last month. And in case a left you with any doubt that I have it just a tad worse than you, I'm enclosing some pictures of my driveway taken about 10 minutes ago. The last 2 days have been "warm" you know, like upper 30's.

Photo number one is of my driveway after 2 days of thaw

Photo number 2. I was trying to show you in comparison

to the height of my garbage pale how much snow is piled on my lawn

here I was snapping a pic of my almost covered ADT sign.

also check out the height of snow in comparison with my bumper.

See how the snow is like 1/2 way to my kitchen window

So, Frozen in Florida could you kindly quit rubbing your lovely raccoon spotting weather in my face? and next time you feel like snapping a photo of "frozen" landscape, send me a pic of an orange tree instead. That way I can at least dream of spring!

Love always!

Chilly Chessie